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Karachi University is starting to grow on me. A few days back I sat in on one of my cousin’s friend’s English classes and watched a short skit based on Jane Austen’s Emma, and it was really fun! It was Emma set in Pakistan and it was cool just seeing what the classroom atmosphere is like here.

After we drove around campus exploring different parts and we came across the only church on campus. We couldn’t go in because it was a far walk, but I saw a Christmas sign which I thought was pretty neat!

It’s a really cool campus and you’ll find such a diverse group of students…but hearing horror stories from my cousin and her friends makes me glad I don’t actually go here (thank god for Berkeley)! :p


I’ve always wanted to go to a place that snows so I could see this but that exhausted slow eye roll I have to endure whenever I tell that to people who live in snow is just not worth it

that’s because this is not what happens when it snows in real life when it snows in real life and you have to go do real life things you get brown slimey slush that’s what you get.

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You were my new dream.

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